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Rich Clabaugh
Rich is a great guy, who I've had the pleasure of hanging out with as well as doing a web comic panel with at Boston Comic Con. His book "The Graveyard Gang" lets you follow the adventures of 5 rascals as they annoy the creatures of darkness that plague their 1930's coastal town.
John Yuskaitis Jr.
John has been alongside of me since the begining. Literally, he was in the booth next to me at my very first Comic Con. He has been a great help to me in my journey as a cartoonist. His comic, Boots and Pup, is about alien best friends who go on wacky adventures with a colorful cast of out-of-this-world supporting characters!
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Tony Sedani
Tony is a great indy style story teller, which is extremely popular these days. His book, Return to Rander, is the tale of a man with no memory and a deadly past trying to catch him at every turn. A gritty western inspired mystery that will leave you gut wrenched. 

More to come...
Paul Montani
Paul is a fellow cartoonist whose comic strip Welcome to the Rat Race has taken off in its popularity. The strip follows the lives of Harvey, Doug and Carl - Three pet rats who's brains have been reprogrammed with separate portions of their owner Steve's mind! His personality, his thoughts and memories, his feelings towards his co-worker Betty...they're all in there!!
Dean Calusdian
Dean is a great guy who does all the most interesting things I've ever heard of. His way of telling a tale is only rivaled by his artistic talent. You can see this all in his book The Stocking Dead. It's a Re-Animated Christmas special to devour the whole family.A sleighful of pop culture satire and a splattering of the zombie genre, THE STOCKING DEAD will chew at your funny bone and gnaw on your heart strings. It's the day before Christmas and all the elves of christmasville are getting ready for Santa's big ride, but one of Santa's helpers isn't so merry. Nothing ever goes right for poor little Wendell. Bored at his job, picked on by the toy shop bully and unnoticed by the elf of his dreams, he hopes that somehow this Christmas will be different. His problems are about to get worse. Much worse. When a bite from a toxic bunny starts turning all the residents of Christmasville into flesh eating fiends, Santa's winter wonderland becomes an undead wasteland. Wendell and a small band of survivors must desperately attempt to escape the carnage, but the zombie plague is spreading faster than Christmas cheer. With all hope dwindling, it's up to our holiday heroes to save Christmas, but can they even save themselves?