Ace Chicken - Space Chicken

A little guy, with a lot to say, JACK seems to find the worst in EVERYTHING. Never one to sugar coat anything, he finds himself offending people ALL THE TIME. Which is fine by him.
The laid back, happy go lucky friend of JACK. Together, they own a record store. No matter what life throws at Ray, he always comes out smelling like a rose, which you can imagine ticks off JACK to no end. 
More to come as they develope...
Other Places:
Mosh is a musician friend of Ray and JACK who hangs out at the record store from time to time. He is also one of the FEW people who understands JACK's deep rooted anger issues.
Bob went to High School with JACK and owns a local bar called the G Spot. It's very polular, but difficult to find. 
Saul is the last of the Time Lords. No one is quite sure why he has picked this time to hang around in, or, why he has chosen the record store to pass his time, but one thing is for sure, he always has a tale worth the hearing when he's around.
Merica is the LOVE of JACK's life. She helped JACK through some really rough times while he was away from the strip, and continues to help him with his anger issues. Always heard, never seen, Merica lets JACK know her 2 cents as she is very strong willed.
One of the more popular (and probably the only) customers of the shop (even though no one has seen his face yet), Sheldon spends his days picking out key records to make custom mix tapes for everyone and injecting his philosophy into conversations at the shop. When he's not doing that, Sheldon is usually dodging records that are being flung at him, by JACK, for injecting his philosophy into the conversation... But it's out of love... or at least that's what Ray tells him.
Lu-Lu is JACK's old cat. JACK always complained about it and tried to get rid of it, but for some reason, the cat just didn't want to leave JACK alone.... and secretly, JACK never wanted it any other way.
Bunny is JACK's ex-wife. She never fully appeared in the strip, but prior to 2018, she was off shot many times letting her voice be heard.