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2/9/17 ~ For some of the new comers who are having difficulty following along this week, I am currently trying to get a job at MAD Magazine, thus the current tone of the strip. I'm hoping some brownie points will pay off in the end. Lets keep our fingers crossed... ;)

1/16/17 ~ Added a link to the left so that you can VOTE and make SOB one of the TOP WEB COMICS of all time!!!! Click and vote now... and again later... and tell your friends to vote.... then tell your enemies... You get the point.

1/6/17 ~ Although I would deny it in a court of law, YES, the characters in the strip are based on people I know. Last night 3 of the 4 of us were at the same place at the same time, so we thought it would be funny to have a "Live Action" comic strip.... Hope you guys think it's funny too...

1/2/17 ~ Well a Happy New Year to you all. If you are reading this you're still with me in 2017 which I must say a HUGE Thank You for.... We are headed in to our 3 rd year of Sydney or the Bush and as I'm sure you can tell anything is still possible. Heck JACK is in space today... You may be asking yourself, "How is that possible, he owns a record store and has a full time job at some place we haven't figured out yet?"... Just stick with me and you'll find out. ;)

12/30/16 ~ Well 2017 is almost here. Hope you all had a great year, and I look forward to making Sydney or the Bush even better for you guys in 2017. Till then be safe, and check on Betty White frequently over the next couple of days...

12/2/16 ~ I believe this is the first time we see JACK at his new job. It's been a LONG journey to get here... and that doesn't count all the time traveling... Things are changing with the gang, but thats what life does from time to time... ;)

11/27/16 ~ I never know what to wirte here, cuz there really isn't anything going on right now, other than the strip is back in gear. So I hope that is enough for now. I'll try and pass along any cool information as it happens, but right now nothing is happening. Con season is over but next year is right around the corner, so stay tuned for that info as i start planning on getting out there agin next year.

10/31/16 ~ Happy Halloween kids!! Well  here is a Halloween treat for you. I am going to try and bring the gang back... I know how much you have all missed them... and we'll see how it goes. as for now, ENJOY!!! 
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Joe's last post was updated 2/9/2017
To everyone here looking for the latest Sydney or the Bush strip, if you remember, last Friday JACK died in a fireball from Hell. You may be wondering, if I'm kidding... NOPE. it was time. I felt that I wasn't growing as an artist if I let the madness continue. Sydney or the Bush will continue in Motif Magazine, but as for the ongoing webstrip, it has officially ended. I thank anyone who is here reading this for coming to check it out as often as you did. The achieves will remain up so that you can continue to enjoy them. I will, in the future be doing Sydney or the Bush one shot comics, so if you truly did enjoy the strip, there is something to look forward to... It's like I said, the webstrip was just not going anywhere and it was time to cut it loose. Thanks again, and keep your eyes open for one shot books. I'll continue to update the page with info and pics on progress, so you can still come here for that, as I WILL BE abandoning Facebook cuz I truly hate its guts... Not that Facebook actually has guts, but I hate their imaginary guts. That's it for now. Thanks for coming, and thanks for caring..